Empowered Magazine

EMPOWERED Magazine was created for YOU!!!

Every quarter we highlight the accomplishments of women that are doing great things in the lives of their family and community all while owning businesses and working in their careers.

This is the decade for women to drive change! Elevating and highlighting women role models is critical to advancing women personally and professionally. Often times, women have been working in their profession, serving others and doing a great job, however their accomplishments get overlooked and sometimes overshadowed. Quite frankly they are not being valued for the work that they do.


Empowered Magazine is a quarterly digital and print celebratory publication highlighting and recognizing the achievements of women making an impact locally, nationally and globally!

We recognize the accomplishment of women in various industries who are accomplishing great work
and giving back to the community.


Our goal is to shine the light on 1 Million Women who are making a difference around the world and we need your help to make it happen.

We believe that when we celebrate the accomplishments of one woman, we inspire the world to celebrate all women! 

It starts first with US. 

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