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Vita Galore

Vita Galore


Empowered Alumni Spotlight

Vita Galore is the living embodiment of what it means to pursue greatness through unspeakable pain. She began her life as the lovechild of an absent American father and an impoverished Peruvian mother, enduring a childhood fraught with abuse and neglect. Vita learned to believe that she was a mistake for much of her life. Yet, for as long as she can remember, Vita surrendered to her innate faith. It’s this faith that led her boldly into her own definition of the American Dream. By surrendering to her spiritual guidance, she has persevered in being, doing, and having everything she dreams of—leading her to inspire others down their own paths of total fulfillment. 

Vita realized what it means to accept herself, completely and unapologetically. Always a believer in the power of education, she completed a Masters degree that ultimately led her to a successful journey in sales and marketing.

Vita is also a proud animal advocate and a champion for women, helping the voiceless and invisible feel heard, seen, and loved. As a micro-influencer, one of Vita’s deepest passions is inspiring women to realize the greatness within. With her signature combination of playfulness and unrelenting hope, she strives to help women free themselves from the illusion of not being enough—so that they can heal and thrive from the inside out.

She is currently developing a transformational experience for both men & women called “Express Yourself” to encourage participants to free themselves of limitation and reclaim their voice.

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