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Toy Taylor


Motivating Beauty Coach


Empowered Alumni Spotlight

Toy Taylor specializes in hair care and makeup services for the individual client. With being in business for over 30 years, she has learned to treat each client with complete exclusivity. She has her own custom foundation line, Truth by Toy, for clients who struggle in achieving the perfect shade. Toy is the author of Motivating Beauty where you are guided step-by-step in applying your own makeup like a pro. It is her passion to help others achieve their makeup goals one-brush stroke at a time. Toy has a strong passion for helping others succeed. She provides direction and support to help others prosper and grow in business and personal life.

Toy currently works in the film industry providing makeup, hairstyling and special effects for various productions. She currently holds a position on the Board of Directors for the Worldwide Women’s Film Festival. She has created outstanding works for films, weddings, music videos, New York Fashion Week and other exclusive events. As a motivating beauty coach, it is her mission to cultivate the minds of others with a wealth of knowledge from the beauty industry to help achieve self-love while building confidence and live peacefully in a world of self-acceptance.  It is incredibly empowering to see women transform confidently when they achieve their makeup goals. It is a big step in building one’s self-confidence. I empower women to be a better version of them. I am a Motivator. I am an Educator. I am a Solutionist at heart.

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