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Tina Gross 


480 Physique

480 Physique


Empowered Alumni Spotlight

As the founder of 480 Physique, Tina Gross continues to be a fiercely passionate leader in the women’s fitness community.  Her women’s athleisure company began in April of 2021, and focuses on confidence, courage, and inclusivity of all women in and out of the gym. The female experience is one that is multi-faceted and at times, laborious. In a world where women have to work tenfold in order to prove their abilities, Tina works to inspire women of all ages, sizes and colors to live life to the fullest through affordable and high-quality athletic wear. She is a firm believer in helping others feel good about themselves and known outside of 480 Physique for being a wife, mother and grandmother. She loves inspirational quotes because it helps her to stay positive and motivated. Currently residing in Phoenix Arizona, Tina is a poised yet tenacious force to be reckoned with and hopes to eventually become a household name in the athletic wear business. She believes that one day it will be such a great feeling to know that she can inspire millions of women worldwide.

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