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Mechelle Tucker 

CEO & Founder

1st Class Consultant firm



Empowered Alumni Spotlight

Mechelle Tucker is a consultant making a difference. With over 10+ years as a entrepreneur, Mechelle belongs to a class of leaders with successful results. Mechelle goes beyond as a business consultant; Mechelle is also an outstanding connector, public relations & media maven, candle maker, public notary, event coordinator, power networker and marketing strategist. Being in the field for so long, Mechelle has been offering her winning services to business moguls, celebrities, philanthropists, professional athletes, artists, and authors. Mechelle has worked with them all and is still rendering quality services to date. Mechelle is the CEO & Founder of Mechelle Cares, 1st Class Candles, 1st Class Notary and 1st Class Consultant firm. After commandeering hundreds of successful independent, corporate and celebrity events providing exceptional services that redefine a new wave of creating Win-Win-Wins in Business. Mechelle was nominated for “The Stars of Tomorrow People Plus Award”, Authored “Remarkable Business: Vol 2 Spotlights on Top Professionals and Business Owners, and Highlighted in Top Selling Book “Genius Potential.”  She has been featured on numerous radio shows and news publications to share her insight on philanthropy, business, social media, networking and current events. As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, publicist, consultant, branding expert, trendsetter, educator, philanthropist and non-stop career professional, Mechelle is indeed one of the hardest working women in the business world.

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