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Marcella Wheaton is the founder of Never Lose Faith Designs, a brand that creates apparel and accessories with a message of hope and God’s love. She started this company because she believes in the power of prayer and wants to help others find their faith. Her designs are meant to encourage women not to be ashamed of who they are, no matter what society says. Marcella’s heart desires are to reach as many people as possible and help them feel loved and beautiful.

Marcella’s heart desires are to reach many by helping them feel empowered, loved, beautiful and unashamed. She hopes her products will encourage women not to live life hidden under the illusion of how society will judge them but learn to accept themselves completely.

Marcella was born in California now residing in Arizona. She is a wife, entrepreneur and a living example of what it means to never lose faith through the pain life can bring. Raised by a phenomenal single mother and the death of a sister, caused many questionable moments but she stood unshakeable.

After graduating from High School she committed to Texas University to study Law. Her life was redirected by marriage and motherhood that led to a dramatic negative ending. While standing on faith her heart opened to new love and marriage. Now, she mentors women who have preceded her path.

Always believing in the power of prayer, she became an influencer of faith to many which led her to create Never Lose Faith Designs. A brand of apparel, hand-strung bracelets, and accessories that have a meaningful message with passion for purpose.

She enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and traveling. Making a difference in another’s life is what the Never Lose Faith brand is about! 

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