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Once upon a time in 2021 I Met a homeless mother of 2 boys in the shopping center of Smart & Final in city of Chino Ca .I can honestly say now looking back – God put Bernice and family in my life . After all Bernice trusted me with along the yrs —- the more her situation reminded me of something biblical. And more so I couldn’t give up in getting them help .
There is enough evidence and what she experienced over the period of 5 yrs of homelessness to her life that make me question my… faith , where has humanity gone ? . And this includes existing higher ups in the city of chino to long term residential community of chino —-
this has been by far one of the most beautiful journeys I’ve walked in my 38yrs of life . Yet I’ve realize that faith is all you need and trust that the Lord has the overall power to change anyone and any circumstance . Of course with the help of believer’s and servants of his . ❤️

Please reach out to me Maria Mendonca
cell 909 548-1599
Email: eyelashmasters@gmail.com
Directly if I can further inspire others to continue helping others specially , those in need more so if the have the expectations of being blessed in their own lives and if you really are in it to be any form or shape of empowerment in this in this planet God created earth .

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