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LaToya McIntosh Oviawe

CEO, founder

Revivify Coaching & Consulting LLC



Empowered Alumni Spotlight

LaToya McIntosh Oviawe is a woman of faith who believes in the power of transformation. She is the CEO, founder of Revivify Coaching & Consulting LLC, where she empowers individuals to activate their superpowers from within while making impact and income. She is passionate about helping families and individuals to transition to a healthy mindset, and offers 1 on 1 and group Coaching, Courses, Books, Coaching programs and Apparels that support this mission. 

As an Anxiety Coach and Field Counselor at TOL Inc.,she helps clients shift internally to reduce anxiety, remove inner conflict, and experience the fullness of true joy and abundance. LaToya is proud to offer hope and love through her work.

She is an author and has written 2 books titled,  Love and Cultural differences –  A Guide to Understanding & Communication Strategies in Cultural Differences Relationships and Marriages and  30 Days Challenge to Greater Self-Love – A Guide to Loving Yourself Unconditionally, Nurturing Yourself to Self Worth; which offers a message of love and hope.  LaToya recently received her Master’s in Christian Psychology in 2022. 

LaToya is a devoted wife and mother who serves others with purpose and zest by just giving a helping hand to those in need. 

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