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Doretta Thomas


Ladies Leaving Legacies

Ladies Leaving Legacies


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Doretta Thomas has been an Insurance Agent for over twelve years and specializes in helping women, families and small businesses build a lifetime of financial security. Doretta founded, “Ladies Leaving Legacies, LLC” in 2017 to share and educate women on the importance of how to create generational wealth.  She is an active PAC member with Arizona Foundation for Women a non-profit organization that serves women of Arizona providing them safety, health and economic empowerment.  She is a Breast Cancer survivor and author of, “Dying Is Not An Option.”

Doretta is also on a mission to educate people about mental health and suicide after losing her youngest son to the illness in 2021. She is ever so passionate about bringing awareness to the communities she serves.

She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is the mother of five and a doting grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren. One of the quotes she lives by daily is, “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

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