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Buffie O’Neill





Empowered Alumni Spotlight

Buffie is a multidimensional woman who seamlessly mixes her grace and femininity with grit and strength to navigate life with humor and style.

Her extensive background in education and her commitment to giving her heart to serving others has prepared her well in breaking the barriers and status quo for women in business and coaching others who are starting over. After her marriage dissolved, she learned how to take back her life for herself and her children…forever changing the trajectory for her family.

Not only has she been able to transform adversity into purpose and passion she’s been an inspiration to many because of her will, tenacity, and devotion to strengthening her mindset, identity and her life. When life presented her with the question, “Are you ready for your life to change?” She always accepted that call to action with courage and has been able to use these challenges as stepping stones to rise above, become a better version of herself, and elevate her life.

She’s known for her leadership, generosity, and determination helping others. Her contagious enthusiasm and zeal for life she seems to command any situation with positivity and optimism, making difficult tasks seem easy and effortless.

Above all she is a true example of how to be your own hero and that everything your heart desires is found by getting out of your comfort zone and your own way by pivoting and course correcting your path while empowering others to do the same. Everything changes when NEVER meets NOW!

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