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April Nowlin


April Nowlin



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April Nowlin is a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach who specializes in healthy divorce recovery. She is passionate about helping professional women to reclaim a life they love after divorce. April knows from personal experience how tough and disorienting ending a marriage can be. As a 3-time divorcee, she’s weathered the storms of transition and learned the techniques to fully heal and thrive after divorce. 

April subscribes to the belief that despite the trauma of a failed marriage, the divorce recovery process doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. She supports women on their healing journey by helping them to look inward, create a plan for success and do the hard work to see real change in their lives. 

In 2013 April launched Cultivator Co., a business growth consultancy that has effectively supported SAAS companies, small businesses, and faith-based organizations in reaching their business growth goals. In 2020 April launched April Nowlin Coaching to help women heal from the devastation of divorce. She has combined her business coaching skills with her personal divorce recovery experience to create unique solutions that help her clients move into wholeness. 

April is a published author, inspiring speaker, podcast host, and workshop leader who combines relatable storytelling, humor, and authenticity for people who want to crush the barriers to their personal and business success. Her formal education includes Life Breakthrough/Christian Coaching, Instructional Design, and Biblical Theology. 

April currently resides in Arizona with her daughter and is an avid fan of travel, good food, and naps.

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