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Adrian Trice


DNA Financial Enterprises, Inc


Empowered Alumni Spotlight

Adrian is the CEO of DNA Financial Enterprises, Inc., and its subsidiaries. She spent 13 years in proprietary education with a background in sales, leadership, and business development. At the end of her career, she experienced limitations within the corporate space. After her third layoff, she found herself divorced, with three sons, degreed in a field she did not work in, and facing an unstable job market with low-wage offerings. This is when she inserted herself into the realm of entrepreneurship.

Today, Adrian’s purpose is driven by her desire to help others ascend. She believes that she can help business owners reach new levels of abundance through tax & business strategy.Her work includes conducting financial Masterclasses, serving as the Treasurer of the Pretty Precise Step Team, and The Get It Program, a platform designed to lead entrepreneurs on the road to abundance. She featured in international summits, podcasts, and panels discussing financial tops. Adrian also is a proud sports mom of three sons and resides in the Phoenix metropolitan area. She also is a registered tax practitioner with the IRS.

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